Care Plans

Website aftercare

Client control
If you wish to take control over your website and make your own changes and additions I can offer support and help with basic ‘how to’ instructions.
I will make a backup of your website and all settings which I will keep a secure copy should you run into any problems.

Care plans
Why should you have a care plan?

WordPress is a fantastic platform with endless free and paid for plug-ins which can change your website in to anything you want… If you do not know which ones to use/trust you can however leave yourself open to security vulnerabilities and in some cases leave your website broken.

There is also a correct way to create content for a website, put certain colour schemes together and use certain layouts. A website needs to be coded correctly to work properly with search engines (SEO) and render properly using various browsers and mobile devices.

Lack of knowledge can make your website useless as it won’t be found on Google, pictures may not load correctly due to them being too large (file size) or using incorrect aspect ratio. These are just a few examples of the many things that can go wrong.

I have spent many an hour trying to put people’s website in order for them, usually without any form of payment… Unfortunately this can be very time consuming hence the reason I have put these care plans in place.

I would only put a care package in place (or offer one) if it was myself working on it, I do not offer care packages if anyone else is working on a website for the above reasons.
Currently I only charge the yearly domain and hosting fee which will remain the same… I offer 3 care packages you can add to this, they are laid out below:

Basic care plan – £69 per year (most popular)
Create a secure backup
Add up to 3 basic pages of text/images
Make up to 3 additional basic alterations
All changes will be made within 3 working days.

Monthly care plan is £120 per year
Create a secure backup
Monthly basic changes to your website.
Up to 6 extra pages added if required.
All changes will be carried out within 3 working days.
Monthly backups created

Premium care plan is £249 or £25.00 per month
Create a secure backup
Unlimited changes to your website
Unlimited stock uploads (web shops) carried out on a monthly basis.
An unlimited number of extra pages added if required.
All changes will be carried out within 3 working days.
Monthly backups created

If your care plan is not added when you sign off on your new website we may need to charge a web review fee to review your website (usually only applies if you have had control of the website and have made changes).
There may also be a charge if you require any third party premium apps or themes.