eBay, Amazon & eCommerce

eBay and Amazon are the two largest selling platforms in the world… Not only are they an essential source of income to any sales driven business but they are also the best form of advertising you can get.

We have years of extensive experience in this field and run the eBay and Amazon accounts of a number of businesses. We can simply create templates for you to use, offer advice or run your eBay account for you.

We have highlighted 2 of our longest serving customers below, both of which are now eBay powersellers and have both achieved a feedback score in excess of 10,000. We fully manage their eBay profiles and listings for them.

eBay listings & shops:

If you are selling products then you MUST use eBay... People cannot underestimate how powerful eBay can be... This is not simply a channel to sell your products but it is also a fantastic way to advertise your business. We have found that around 40% of eBay shoppers search by postcode (trying to bag themselves a postage discount) so your local business will could come top of the list when searching within a 10 mile radius, the amount of people who didn't realise you were just round the corner.

When we started selling products for Newlife Contracts (Flooring) Ltd around 10 years ago they did not realise how it would grow, within 2 years they had opened a showroom (Flooring Trade Warehouse) soley off the back of customers coming into their premises on a daily basis saying 'We seen you on eBay'

The importance of running effective eBay listings and campaigns in the correct manner is essential, you will be paying around 13% of your final sale price in fees so you will probably need to have a selling price which is more expensive that some of your competitors (some people sell at unrealistically low prices). This means you need a professional set-up to make people think it is worth the extra few pounds to buy from you... Thats where we come in...

Amazon listings & Campagns

Amazon can be a fantastic marketplace for the right products... It is a fact that most Amazon shoppers do not use eBay, it is also the case that Amazon shoppers are more likely to spend around 10% more for a product that those on eBay, meaning you can sell the same product dearer on Amazon that eBay.

Amazon can be considerably more complicated to set up, you need special unique identifier numbers (similar to barcodes) We do have access to these or can sort you out your own account. It is also more difficult to list items... again this is where we step in, we have years of experience selling on this platform.